Bill's Pool (Ringstones)

Situated in Whaley Bridge this charming pool is a joy to fish.

​Set in a beautiful and peaceful location this small 7-peg water is naturally fed and runs up to 6 feet deep. The pond is stocked with a variety of silverfish.

Access to Bill's Pool is through the Trading Estate of the same name and is regularly patrolled by our partners Lockdown Security. If the main gate to the estate is locked a key can be found in a wall-mounted safe close to the gate, the combination for this safe is in your membership card.

At the back of the estate a second gate leads to the car park halfway up the lane. A third gate at the top of the lane gives access to the pond.​ Please ensure that you leave the main estate gate in the state you find it when you leave, if it's locked make sure you lock it behind you.